You Lift My Heart With Ease

I wrote this for my son Nash last year. The news headlines remind us that our world is filled with darkness and heartache and evil. I am convinced that we must find and remind ourselves of the goodness that surrounds us. So write it down, tell that story, post that picture and let us remind each other of the goodness we so often overlook.

For my son Nash.

The world was dark today. We lost more to senseless hate, others to abandonment, and innocents to unspeakable tragedies. Though my heart is heavy you lift it with ease.

You reach for my hand and pull me towards adventure. You are zealous to share your discoveries and you await my joy and blessing with eager eyes and a tender heart. I am in awe of your untamed wonder. It is a bold reminder of the goodness that surrounds us.

We steal a few moments under the fleeting warmth of the summer sun. Dusk falls over our home and we retreat to our well-worn routine.

We splash in our white ocean with creatures and characters. Our bellies are full from laughter. We settle in, to the comfort of your space, where together our hands turn pages of color and story.

Heavy eyes turn out the lights. Your innocence pressed firmly against my chest. The rhythm of your heart brings perspective to my priorities. Your gentle breath brings grace and peace to my chaos. Your trust in this moment brings healing to my wounds.

The full weight of you now rests in my arms. It is here that I linger. In this space, this moment, this tension between freedom and holiness. Something or someone whispers “wait…pause…be still, for these moments are fleeting.”

I pause and match my breath to yours; one more, maybe two, perhaps one hundred. Time stands still. I’d be content here forever.

I’ve been caught off guard by the steady stream of overwhelming love that flows from my eyes. My arms and heart neither ready nor willing to interrupt this sacred moment.

My silent tears speak of two paralyzing emotions; my thankfulness for you and my fear of ever losing you. You are my most tangible picture of God. You lift my heart with ease.

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