It takes all my courage to call out to you God so I’m wondering if you will answer me. How many times can you make a way for me before you tire? My endless requests for hope seem not to phase you. You take delight in renewing me when I am hopeless.

You have set me apart and yet I feel as though I am hustling after everything except you God. I am lusting for control and chasing after lies. My fear has crowned the idols to preside over my life. When I am grieving and angry I curse everything and everyone around me.  Show me that my anger can have its proper place without destroying those I love. Teach my soul to be still even in the midst of uncertainty. I plead for the strength to continue giving even when I’d rather hoard. I’m asking for the wisdom to practice gratitude when I feel pressured to keep up and stockpile.

I am searching for what is good and who is good. So now’s the time God, now’s the time to reveal your light. Let my heart be lifted by the joy you place within me. Plant within me gratefulness so I can taste the new wine you pour. Make for me a bed of peace that will run through the entirety of my life. In my courage I have called out. Now I need you to respond. 

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