For the last ten years my heart has been wrestling and processing through the strong sense that both Church and what it means to be in community were changing. The journey has, at times, been desperately lonely, but it has also been filled with beautiful conversations and experiences with people like you. The invitation before us is to begin to see again as we join God's work in making all things new.


    The Hidden Voice

    Reading to our son Nash is one of our most beloved rhythms. We enter a world where time stands still and pages spring to life.

    I can still remember the very first story Kate and I ever read to Nash. We settled into bed, our infant son swaddled between us, and we opened On the Night You Were Born” by Nancy Tillman. I managed three words before I was a mess. (The I cannot speak another word variety). Gratitude and thankfulness poured out of me.


    I Keep Waiting

    I’m well-versed in waiting.

    I wait for the perfect moment, or until everybody else has already acted.

    In elementary school I waited for people to stop tight-rolling their jeans before I followed suit. In high school I waited to ask a certain girl out until I had full assurance from her friends that her answer would be yes. She said no.